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Clan Neones Home - Clan Neones
-The Freemasons of Runescape-

Welcome everyone to Clan Neones!
We are a clan dedicated to enjoying Runescape and just enjoying the game.
Many times we may be challenged (or challenge others) to clan wars.
See more Details in the Clan Wars section of the site.
Clan Neones mainly goes into the wilderness but also aids other members with quests, financial issues, and just being friends. We enjoy a good raid here and there but never forget to enjoy the game.

I hope you will enjoy being a member of Clan Neones and will aid in expanding our clan to other the other servers (worlds) of Runescape.

Clan Dedicated Server: World 90

Be sure to read the rules after once you have become a confirmed member.

Attention Clan Neones Members
Please let me know as soon as your combat level increases. I would like to keep the site as updated as possible. Please either post on the site any combatl level ups you may have or tell me on Runescape. Also, please do not recruit people unless you have the Recruiter Rank (Find our on the Clan Ranking Page). If you don't but still would like to recruit, give the name's of possible clan members to the recruiters and they can recruit them. This is only to prevent too many people from joining at once.

Leader's StatsOur Leader Himself, Purity42Clan Neones
There are NO level requirements for Clan Neones.
All you need is to have a Runescape account and have an account on the Clan Site.(Sign-up can be done by clicking on the link at the top right)
Also, please be aware you MUST play Runescape at least 3 times a week. This is simply for contact purposes.

This is a fairly NEW clan and many bugs and tweaks must be fixed. Please contact me at NeoRain232@aol.com if you have any troubles with the site.
Xfire is a handy instant messenger used by Clan Neones. It's specially designed for online games and their clans. Xfire can be downloaded by clicking here

Need Runscape Help? Go to RuneHQ for all your Runescape Guides!
If you have a mac computer please download adium then use xblaze via download.
Site Updates

4-11-07: There is now a new clan ranking. The rank of Captain will be lesser than a General but better than a soldier. There are 6 slots open and they will hopefully be filled by Saturday.
4-02-07: Clan Apocalypse has challenged us to a 10v10 war! We just want to make sure those who want to come can come! It is this friday at 9:00 eastern US time! Please post if you can come!

4-01-07: The Rankings for 2nd in Command and Generals have been posted. Please do not send me "hate mail" if you have not been chosen. I picked people who have dedicated the most to the clan and I tried to add a little level variety. And happy St. Patricks day! April fools!

3-31-07: Clan apocalypse has challenged us! After 4 days we have already been challenged, decisions will be made later. Their website can be found by clicking here

03-28-07: Clan Neones has obtained it's 10 member goal! Within the 1st day our clan was made, we obtained 12 members. The site will soon be updated with everyone's names and ranks sometime later today. The reason for the delay is I need to get their level and speciality from them before they can be posted. Also, today, TONs of people joined Clan Neones. We have broken 2 goals: obtaining 10 people, then obtaining 15 people. Keep up the good work recruiters!!!

03-27-07: Site is now up and running and ready for any new clan members.
A few type errors and page issues have been fixed. Due to a request for more information, the homepage has been updated with more info on our clan. There have also been a few new pictures added in to make the site look better.

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